• Respect makes the world go round

    We’re hearing a lot of negative rhetoric, insults and bigotry of late.

    And words matter.

    By reminding ourselves of the crucial role RESPECT plays in our daily lives, we can change the conversation to be one that is more tolerant, inclusive and accepting of others.

    Meet Ahmed, his wife Eiman and their beautiful growing family, daughter Sabreen and born two days after our photo shoot, their son Zayn.

    Ahmed reflects, ‘Campaigns like this is what you need for people to realise that respect is what we need to make society go around.”

    “So have a conversation with that person, before you judge them.” Eiman added.

    Everybody has their own unique story to tell. We just need to listen.

    Join the respect conversation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with #campaignforrespect.

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